Student Led Conference

A Student Led Conference is, as the name suggests, a progress review meeting led by students distinct from the more traditional teacher-led conferences where the student might be a passive participant. Typically, at the end of a term of study, students compile a set of representative classwork, assessment samples and other artifacts of learning in a file and engage in a process of revisiting and reflection of learning as preparation for the SLC. They then use the material collected in their portfolio files during the SLC to explain their achievements and grades to their parents. SLCs allow students to tell their own side of the story, take responsibility for their own learning and communicate to an invested audience how they plan to use the insights gained during the revisiting process in the coming term. The week long preparation time before an SLC includes reflection and review of all learning in the past term, planning for an effective conference, practicing with a buddy and preparing for hosting the event with teachers facilitating. SLCs allow parents and students some time to reflect as a family, and teachers get the chance to observe their students, listen carefully and review strengths and weaknesses.

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