The Advisory System is a program designed to increase inclusion and personalization in middle and secondary schools, so that every student gets an opportunity to establish a personal relationship with one specific faculty member who will be their advocate and advisor. Such strong personal teacher-student equations are common in elementary schools because of the Homeroom System, but as students move into secondary school, chances of such close personal interaction reduce. The Advisory System ensures that no child is anonymous, unrepresented or unguided. The Advisor becomes the first person the student may seek out to discuss school or personal problems or seek assistance with more serious issues. The Advisor is also the first point of contact for other teachers and the student’s parents, and receives all important information regarding their advisee. The advisor and the advisee typically meet every day, and the agenda of the meeting could be anything from just touching bases to discussing academics, IEP goals, scheduling, discipline, study skills, career counseling or aptitude testing. The advisor stays in touch with parents and other teachers of the advisee through regular phone calls or meetings, gathers relevant information through formal or informal methods, maintains records on the advisee and advocates for the advisee in situations of crisis. Such positive interactions with an invested adult can enrich the student’s life in many ways, and make school a non-threatening, welcoming place.

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